Top BASIS Charter School Educators Will Lead New Campus in Baton Rouge

BASIS Charter Schools has tapped two of the top educators in its nationally-acclaimed 31-campus network as Head of School and Head of Operations at its new Baton Rouge campus, which will open this August.

Ms. Rosalind Thompson will serve as the founding Head of School at BASIS Baton Rouge Primary - Mid City Campus, and Ms. Debbie O'Connor is the new school's Head of Operations.

"Our network is known for talented teachers and leaders – very successful professionals in the world of high-quality education," says BASIS.ed CEO Aaron Kindel. "I am certain students, families, teachers, and staff will be thrilled at the experience and skill that two of BASIS' best will bring to our new Mid City campus."

The network is scheduling ample opportunities for both enrolled and interested families to meet and ask questions of Ms. Thompson and Ms. O'Connor. Visit to learn more and RSVP for the upcoming event.

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10 Mar 2021

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