Summer Fairy Garden

This summer, get your children to join you in making a fairy garden. A whimsical place for fairies to visit your backyard? Sign us up! This magical activity will give the kids something to work on during the summer, and the entire family can get involved.

The idea behind having a fairy garden is to provide a place where fairies can visit your home to bring a little bit of luck! The gardens can be large and over-the-top or simple and personal. No matter the size, the whole family will have a blast preparing a new home for their special fairy friend.

First, you will need a place to actually create the fairy garden. You can really use any flat surface, such as the saucer from under a planter or even a container if you would like to bring it indoors. Just fill it with dirt!


Next, visit a local craft store and purchase items to place inside the garden. Moss, stones, shells, artifical flowers, and artifical butterflies or insects are some basics. 


To create a house for the fairy, paint a bird feeder or decorate a pine cone. Or if you would like, you can even buy a fairy home online from stores like Walmart or Consumer Crafts.


Now, make it your own! Add a string of lights to personalize it. This is the fun part for the children, so let them make it unique. And voila! You can now enjoy your fairy garden all year round.

Fairy Garden

Kids Garden

For some extra fun, allow the children to add one item each week to help the garden grow! Or let them pick out decorations from the craft store from time to time! The fairy can "leave messages" for the kids on the weekends or even bring small presents for the magical Fairyland.

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03 Jun 2016

By Madeline Rathle

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