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Kim Elliott
Westwego, LA
Matt Q&A about his son Drew

My name is Kim Elliott and I’m an avid LSU fan. This Q&A with Matt has really made an impression on me in life going forward. His passion and purpose in life for his family especially Drew, I can relate with. My wife Jessica and I have three children and our youngest son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. My sister in law’s son also has Autism Spectrum Disorder and is 13 years old now. I’ve also have learned so much about myself and the fact God has a plan for all us and it’s really not about myself and it’s about giving of myself to others and serve in Gods name! Thanks Matt for opening up on your personal life with your family. Thank you so much for your perspective I have learned something new and will definitely remember this day and reading your words that means so much to me. God Bless Kim Elliott

December 2020

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