On Wednesdays, We Skate!

On Wednesdays, we skate! Broadmoor Presbyterian Early Childhood Center has been teaching their students to skate for over 30 years. Learning to skate as young as one years old, their students learn balance, coordination, and confidence, all while having a blast! Parents and grandparents have loved volunteering on skate days as well. 

Roller skating is just one of the many wonderful activities that happen at BPECC. They also have dedicated art, P.E., music, S.T.E.A.M. days once a month, and cooking classes with their kitchen director. They offer all these things while simultaneously providing developmentally appropriate and stimulating curriculums for all ages. Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year begins February 1, 2021!


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Baton Rouge, LA
The best preschool ever!

Broadmoor Presbyterian Early Childhood Center is a wonderful place for your child to learn, be loved and encouraged from infants to older four-year-olds. We now have third generation children attending. Come visit. We’d love to see you and your child.

December 2020

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Heather LeBlanc
Baton Rouge, LA

Love, love this school! And skate day has always been a favorite!

December 2020

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14 Dec 2020

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