Leave the Bubble

Recently, a friend of mine passed unexpectedly. We know this happens every day, but it seems it has to keep happening to remind us to live in the moment. With our children, it’s easy to get up in the morning, start the daily routine, and get ready for school and work. After all, isn’t that what we all say? “I’m glad school is back; we can finally get back on a schedule.” Trust me, I am one of those, but does it have to be like this?

Our little ones are only little for so long, and in this day and age, they are growing up faster than before. I think we need to slow it down a bit, and just get up and go somewhere different, go eat at a new restaurant to start. Get in your car and drive to the other side of town that you never go, and look at some of the shops, walk the lakes, anything. Trust me, this will cause you and your family to spend time in the moment with each other, looking around at things they haven’t seen and not their phones.

We live in a great city. We’re surrounded by wonderful things, but we all get trapped in our “bubble,” and we live our lives like the directions on the back of a shampoo bottle...rinse, lather, repeat. Come on, people! Live a little. Some of the best things in life are not planned. My twin boys were not planned, and it was crazy thinking about how we would do it. Now, I would never trade the experience for anything. And look, if you don’t want to live your life like my friend Tim did, who got out of his bubble and lived his life to the fullest and loved his family with all he had, well there is nothing I can say about that, but as Tim would say…“It is what it is.” 

We will miss you, Tim.

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31 Oct 2019

By Brandon Foreman

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