It's a New Year

Well if you are reading this, you made it to 2022. Happy New Year!

Dads, we made it through a lot last year, and frankly, we do every year, but 2021 has been another one for the books. As things start getting back to normal–or as normal as they will get–it has made me think…

As we move to 2022, it has made me realize that I’m rounding second base of fatherhood, as my daughter is turning 14 this year and will be a freshman in high school, and my twins will be turning 10. I know you never stop being a parent, but if my children are like my wife and I, they will all be out of the house in, at most, eight years. By my counting, I’ve crossed the halfway point. 

When thinking and saying it out loud, it really does seem that the expression I always hear is true: “It goes by so fast.” So, I guess there are some things we are going to have to make a point and do as a family after all. I have one that may be out of the house in four years, so as a whole family, we may only have four years or so. 

So I guess what I am trying to say is, it really does go by fast. I have always enjoyed saying, “Life is what happens when you’re doing other things,” and I feel that is so true here. Too often, I find myself sitting behind this computer screen, listening to my family in the other room, or driving home after a long day in the dark. So, thinking about 2022, I think I am going to try and make some changes, and try and close up shop just a little bit sooner, so I can get out of the house and find some things for us all to do that are not behind a screen or something that my children will be “too cool” to do later on. 

Oh, and another thing, dads…I know we all work hard for our families; we try to keep the house from falling apart, and we lead our families daily. I know this is hard work and you just finished another year of it, but I always say that you don’t get credit for things you’re supposed to do, and I do mean that. However, it does go unnoticed a lot of the time, and it’s expected from all the fathers out there, so I will say it here. 

Thank you for all you do, and I am proud of you! (Yes, everyone else, dads like to hear it, too, even though we may not admit it. Be sure to let him know.)

So, what does it all mean? Well, to those of you who have longer to go, I will continue to pray for you, and for those who have less, let me know where I am missing the mark, or what we should go and do.

Happy New Year and thank you.

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30 Dec 2021

By Brandon Foreman

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