Hadley Rinaudo

A star is born in Hadley Rinaudo. The 14-year-old was selected to compete in the Louisiana Film Festival with a film she co-wrote and starred in, Bamboo House. The film began as a monologue that Jency Hogan, her acting coach, encouraged her to write.

Bamboo House is about my grandfather, our relationship, and the bamboo house we created as a family in my grandparents’ backyard. It started from just a monologue, and around that time of writing, he passed, so that’s what I ended up writing the monologue about,” shares Hadley.

The Festival was her first, so while she was nervous, she was also excited. Hadley hopes to continue pursuing acting and writing, and she even plans to produce a short film with her acting group.

Hadley knew that she wanted to dip her toes into acting after watching Margot Robbie in I, Tonya. Robbie’s performance inspired Hadley to look into her own performance, learning how to really develop characters. She’s currently watching Meryl Streep’s most iconic films and shares that her favorite show is The Crown.

Hadley can be described as mature, understanding, and very self-aware, something she credits in part to acting. She says, “Through acting, our job is to analyze characters and be able to see through people, and I think acting has made me more self aware. Even if I can’t relate to what my friends are going through, I can sympathize a little bit. I’m able to figure people out, which is nice.” To us, Hadley is one amazing kid.

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23 Sep 2021

By Amanda Miller

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