Collin Sprouse

Character counts for Collin Sprouse, and his parents, Johnathon and Allison Sprouse, work hard to ensure that the 11-year-old keeps his focus on what matters most. Collin has been honored for that work and his academic excellence.

Now a sixth grader at North Corbin Junior High, Collin was one of only seven state finalists for 2019 fifth grade student of the year. After being named student of the year at South Walker Elementary, he went on to win student of the year in Livingston Parish and a larger regional competition.

“It was far more involved than we understood it to be, in a good way,” says Johnathon. In addition to rounds of interviews, Collin provided writing samples and prepared a portfolio that outlined his academic successes as well as sports, extracurriculars and volunteer work.

“Collin has always been academically focused, but we’ve always been impressed from the standpoint that that’s not the only thing that he cares about,” Johnathon says. “We admire him for how hard he works, for his passion. He really thinks about others.” One of Collin’s favorite volunteer opportunities has been with Mighty Moms, helping out with malnourished and underprivileged kids in Livingston Parish.

Collin is also an athlete, playing soccer for eight years, now for FC Galaxy. He loves reading, solving Rubix cubes and playing outside on the trampoline. Collin says, “I love to spend time with my family,” which includes two younger sisters, Carrington and Caydence.

With his passion for others, academic gifts and depth of character, Collin is absolutely one amazing kid.

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30 Aug 2019

By Mari Walker

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