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Long Term Effects of Parental Favoritism

Siblings often joke about being Mom’s favorite. But a new study in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows that parents playing favorites is no joking matter. Seventy percent of mothers who participated in the survey admitted to having a favorite ch

March 1, 2018 By Season Vining

Yolunda Taylor

Meet Mom Next Door.

February 1, 2018 By Joy Holden

Tooth Fairy Letter Template

Download these Tooth Fairy Letter templates to give to your child(ren) when they lose a tooth.

May 1, 2017 By BRPM Staff

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Joyful Reads from April

in Joy Holden

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending books to anyone who is the least bit curious. Seriously. I am always volunteering book recs to people near m

The 9th Annual Shield of Hope Gala

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Join The Salvation Army of Greater Baton Rouge for a night of fun with The Chase Tyler Band and Julio Melara for the 9th annual Shield of Hope Gala on May 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the L'Auberge Casino and Hotel Events Center.

When Children Ask Questions

in Faith

Children ask the most interesting questions about God. It is easy to dismiss these questions, but that isn’t beneficial for their walk with Christ. As a parent, it is your job to disciple them as they grow in their relationships with Christ. That mea

Choosing the Right Child Care: How to Find the Perfect Fit

in Family Life, School

Finding the right preschool for your children seems simple enough. Theoretically, all you need to do is find an open spot at the one nearest to you and the job is done. In reality, it is a lot more complicated than that. You must take things such as

Summer Jobs: 8 Easy Ways Teens Can Earn Cash

in Things To Do, Family Life

Summertime is almost here, which means summertime boredom is right around the corner. It won’t be too long before your teen or tween starts complaining about having nothing to do. However, there’s a solution to speeding up those dog days of summer: g

Dive into Water Safety Month with Tankproof

in Thrive

Thurman and Torrence Thomas are twin brothers who wished to support underserved communities in Baton Rouge and beyond. As artists and musicians by trade, the Thomases were already enriching their community with art, but were spurred by a very specifi

26 Ways to Know You Might Be a Mom of All Boys

in The Last Word

Coming from a family of all girls, I never pictured myself as a boy mom. But one, two, three rambunctious boys later, I’m knee-deep in the waters of Legos, mud, and potty words, and it doesn’t look like I’m getting out anytime soon. You, too, may be

Is There a Best Bedtime?

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

As parents, it’s easy to shun enforcing bedtimes for our children, especially when we’re exhausted after the events of the day. However, there are benefits to having your child in bed at a set time each night for both them and for you.

Soccer and SEALs

in A Day in the Life of Dad

Last year, about this time, I wrote about my boys not accepting a soccer trophy (they did not earn it). Needless to say, there were a number of opinions on that article, but this year, I bring you an update, and a couple of lessons we may have picked

Adeline Guidry

in One Amazing Kid

Adeline Guidry is doing big things as an 11-year-old, and she has even bigger dreams for the future. She was a foster child until she was adopted in third grade. Now, she’s a fifth-grade student at Westdale Heights Academic Magnet, and she was a fina

Jasmin Newsome

in Mom or Dad Next Door

If you asked Jasmin Newsome two years ago where she thought she would be today, she would not have guessed that she would be teaching at the same school her children attend. In fact, she thought she would be owning and running her own business after

Boys Will Be Boys? Raising Well-Adjusted Sons

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

A s a psychologist who has studied child development, and as a mother of two boys and a girl, I can say that there are differences in boys’ versus girls’ development. It’s important to understand these differences and how parents can raise happy, we


in A Note from Mom

You know when you are younger, you often picture yourself many years down the road, married and with a family. Usually, you imagine a particular order you want your children born in. I, of course, wanted my son first, then a daughter. I never saw a t

Adele B.

in Cover Kid

2021-22 Cover Kid Adele B. has been in pageants since she was 18 months old, and she loves them. For her, it’s her favorite sport. She enjoys singing Christmas songs all year round and swimming, and she’s quite the animal lover, too. She

Joyful Reads from March

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending books to anyone who is the least bit curious. Seriously. I am always v

Bookstagram for Beginners

in Joy Holden

I am a proud Bookstagrammer. Do you know what Bookstagram is? Bookstagram is simply Instagram for books and book reviews. People who love to read start their own Instagram accounts for book reviews and book sharing. It’s a whole social media communit

Mad Hatter’s Artistas and Fashionistas

in Sponsored Content

The Baton Rouge Symphony League held its 66th annual Mad Hatter’s Luncheon on March 24, 2022 at Crowne Plaza.

James Robinson, Jr.

in One Amazing Kid

James Robinson, Jr., a senior at Tara High School, knows the difficulties students face when entering high school and navigating the day-to-day experiences. To help these students communicate their concerns, James created B hEARD, a student-led organ

Spring Cleaning for Good

in Things To Do, Family Life

The second most wonderful time of the year: spring cleaning. Round up a pile of trash bags, sort through your closets, and maybe take a look in the attic to see what you kept but don’t really need. What do you do with all this gently-used stuff? The

Summer is Coming

in A Day in the Life of Dad

It’s starting to warm up and the sun is staying out a bit longer, and we are finally getting ready for summer. That means, we are going to be traveling (hopefully) and having to do the shuffle with our children again that includes who is watching the

Gardening Can Build Healthier and Happier Kids

in Home & Garden, Health and Wellness

Children today have access to lots of great and new technology that allows them to do so much from behind a screen. With a plethora of social media platforms and advancements in things like virtual reality, children are able to essentially go anywher

Prepare Your Heart for Easter

in Faith

Lent is the period of 40 weekdays before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday, and Sundays are not counted. Lent is a period of preparation before Easter and represents a teachable moment for families. I encourage you to use Lent as an opportunity for

Eggs-cellent Easter DIYs

in Crafts and Cooking

Hop into the Easter spirit by getting crafty with these Easter DIYs.

Baton Roots Community Farm

in Thrive

Mitchell Provensal, the Program Coordinator for Baton Roots Community Farm, got his start with the initiative through The Walls Project, a community reactivation organization.

Brandon Trosclair

in Mom or Dad Next Door

Brandon Trosclair is a local hero for his business, his community, and, most importantly, for his children. He believes that there is no greater thing than being a dad and coming home to hugs from his two children, Brianna and Peyton. In January 2022

Kate D.

in Cover Kid

2021-22 Cover Kid Kate D. had a blast at her photoshoot. She especially enjoyed spending time with the bunnies. Kate plays basketball, enjoys sketching and coloring, rollerblading, and riding her hoverboard. She’s also a fan of the Harry

The Case of the Missing Library

in The Last Word

I used to consider myself an organized person who rarely lost anything, definitely never a library book. Now that I’m the mother of twins and a daughter who loves books, I can no longer attest to this fact.

The Sex Talk: How to Start the Conversation

in Health and Wellness

If you think it’s important to talk to your kids about sex…but still haven’t gotten around to having “the talk,” you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean you should keep waiting.

Money Matters: Raising Money-Saavy Kids

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

Children may not always listen to the life lessons we try to impart, but when it comes to money, they are an amazingly attentive audience. T. Rowe Price, a global investment management firm, found in a survey that 65 percent of kids approach their pa

Making Time

in A Note from Mom

As a mom of three very active children and a wife to a husband who doesn’t know how to say, “no,” it’s hard to find the time to do anything that is out of the norm. Currently, we are in full swing of dance competitions and practices, getting ready fo

Lake Tahoe, California

in Out & About, Get Out of Town

Did you know Lake Tahoe, one of the deepest freshwater lakes in the US, is more than 2 million years old? That means you can get up close and personal with millions of years of history while visiting this iconic vacation destination. While you’re at

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

in Out & About

Right under the nose of the Sierra Madre mountains is Puerto Vallarta, a city on Mexico’s Pacific coast brimming with culture, friendly locals, and stunning beaches. In fact, Puerto Vallarta is known for its gastronomy (just take a look at all the re

Joyful Reads from February

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending books to anyone who is the least bit curious. Seriously. I am always volunteering book recs to people near m

Bryson Addison

in One Amazing Kid

Twelve-year-old Bryson Addison is rarely seen without a smile on his face. Bryson has been living with severe asthma, neutropenia, and polyarthritis, but despite his obstacles, he remains optimistic and radiates joy. Through his struggles, he puts hi

Toxic Mix-Ups

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

Poisoning is the number one cause of injury-related deaths in the U.S., according to a 2019 report by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). More than 2 million cases of human poison exposure in the U.S. were reported in 2017 alo

One Ratty Summer: How a Rodent Taught My Campers Resilience

in The Last Word

As a parent, I know how scary it can be (deep breath) to send kids to sleepaway camp for the first time. When I contemplated my daughter, 12-year-old Gracie, going to overnight camp for the first time, I had my own share of brown-bag

Power Pump Girls: A Passion for People

in Thrive

Sherin Dawud and Raina Vallot, both alumni of Louisiana State University, met in 2014 and their shared passion for helping others sparked their entrepreneurial partnership. After starting their first company together, a series of business endeavors l

The Importance of VBS

in Faith

The 21st century is such a peculiar time to be alive when you look at the rest of world history. Children are inside more than ever, and while they may not be experiencing more ultraviolet rays on their skin, they are receiving light rays from an ove

When Enough is Enough

in A Note from Mom

As adults, we have learned our boundaries, but it took many years for us to know just how far we can go without going over to the dark side. We teach our kids that they need to fight their own battles, but when is it time for us to step in as parents

TikTok Tics in Tweens

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

If you did not know this already, the TikTok app has dominated the world of social media in the form of short videos that can make you laugh, dance, or even cry. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok has been the go-to app for when anyone ne

Let's Enjoy Summer Camp

in Family Life, Summer Fun

Summer camp registrations are in full swing, although many are still concerned about COVID-19 and the overall safety of our children–and rightfully so. With all of the uncertainties and what ifs, some parents may even consider avoiding any risks and

Kevin J. Jr.

in Cover Kid

2021-22 Cover Kid Kevin J. Jr. is funny, loving, adventurous, and quite the jokester. He loves a good prank, and he plays t-ball and basketball and enjoys riding his hoverboard and four wheeler. He loves reading; going to school; spending time with h

Chakesha Scott

in Mom or Dad Next Door

Chakesha Scott can tell you everything there is to know about hard work. She balanced motherhood as a graduate student and obtained a Master’s degree when her daughter, Courtney, was young. Now, she is the founder and CEO of Impact Charter School, an

Baton Rouge Symphony League’s Mad Hatter's Event

in Sponsored Content

For centuries, art and fashion have shared a rich love affair. Two separate elements tightly intertwined by the influence they have on each other, producing bold and daring results globally. Explore your inner artist as you don your most fashionable

East Baton Rouge Parish Library's One Book One Community

in Local News, Local Profile


Joyful Reads from January

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending reads to anyone who is the least bit curious. Seriously. I am always volunteering book recs to people near m

Lexington, Kentucky

in Out & About, Get Out of Town, Things To Do

The charming city of Lexington lies in the heart of Kentucky’s famous Bluegrass region, and this city is known as the “Horse Capital of the World” for a good reason. Lexington’s charm will greet you as soon as you approach your hotel (which is also a

Puberty in Youth: Ladies in the Making

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

Puberty can feel like an uncomfortable discussion to have with your daughter, but it is a necessary conversation that will help her feel confident as she navigates adolescence. There are several steps to womanhood you need to be aware of that can beg

How to Speak the 5 Love Languages With Your Child

in Health and Wellness, Family Life

Haven’t we all left a copy of The Five Love Languages on our partner’s side of the bed at some point? (Or maybe that’s just me.) According to the book’s author, Gary Chapman, the five love languages are:

5 Things Only A Mom Would Say On Valentine’s Day

in The Last Word

On Valentine’s Day, long before your mom days, you probably dined by candle light in some swanky restaurant. After you gave birth to those sweet little munchkins, your meal is more likely to involve baby spit up or chicken nuggets. Besides the lack o

The Importance of Life Groups

in Faith

A life group is a group of your peers with whom, as the name suggests, you live together as a group. When you are down or having a rough time, they will meet you where you are and mourn with you. When you are celebrating high points in your life, th

Sanjay Juneja, MD

in Mom or Dad Next Door

Sanjay Juneja is the Baton Rouge General Chief of Oncology, a medical oncologist at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, and a local dad committed to being the best version of himself for his three sons. As a doctor, he is constantly reminded that life i

Baton Rouge Youth Coalition: Building Students Up, BRYC by BRYC

in Thrive

Initially, Executive Director Lucas Spielfogel got his start as a mover and shaker while fulfilling his two-year commitment to Teach for America as a seventh grade social studies teacher at Baker Middle School. Soon, he was offered a position by the

When I Grow Up...

in A Note from Mom

The other day, my daughter asked me what I wanted to be growing up. I honestly had no answer. What did I want to be? I could not remember! Weather girl, something generic in business administration, a mom? She really threw me for a loop. After I thou

Devyani Vij

in One Amazing Kid

Devyani Vij, a senior at The Dunham School, hopes to follow in her father’s footsteps in order to invoke change for a better and brighter future for everyone.

She Had Fun, and So Did We…but You’re Not Supposed to Be Here…

in A Day in the Life of Dad

I’ve been in south Louisiana my whole life, and part of that experience involves Mardi Gras. Well, this year, Mardi Gras started early. In all honesty, it has been a while since we got into the whole Mardi Gras thing. We have all been busy, and I’m n

Lila and Lisa W.

in Cover Kid

2021-22 Cover Kids Lila and Lisa W. are five years old and love to play dress up and dance. While they are twins, their personalities are quite different. Lila is a superstar in the making and is very outspoken. Lisa is more reserved and

New Age of Schooling

in School

The charter school movement has steadily gained ground in the city of Baton Rouge, as schools like BASIS, IDEA, GEO, and Helix are leading the way with their specialized curriculums that oftentimes focus on specific topics like college prep, law, and

Choosing the Right Magnet School Based on Your Child

in School

Magnet schools are like public schools in that they are free, open to the public, and operate within the local public school system. What makes them unique is that the magnet school curriculum focuses on a specific learning track. This ranges from th

Get Your Read On: How to Reach Your Reading Goals in 2022

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

If you are like me, you cannot believe that 2022 is actually here. Doesn’t that sound like a made-up year for a Dystopian novel? Now that we are starting fresh again, you may have set some intentions or goals for the year. Perhaps one of your aspirat

Daytona Beach, Florida

in Out & About, Get Out of Town

There are several reasons why Daytona Beach is called the “World’s Most Famous Beach.” Aside from the bright blue waters and the white, sandy shores, Daytona Beach has endless entertainment for the whole family. You can dance to some live music, spen

Joyful Reads with Joy from December

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending reads to anyone who is the least bit curious.

Joyful Reads 12 Favorite Books of the Year

in Joy Holden, Turn the Page

Hello! I’m Joy, and I love to read. I consider it my greatest talent and favorite hobby. Another one of my preferred pastimes is recommending reads to anyone who is the least bit curious. Seriously. I am always volunteering book recs to people near m