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April ♥

April is my favorite month of the year! Why, you ask? Many of my life’s important events have occured during the month of April. I got engaged, got married, and had my first child. My BFFs’ birthdays, lots of family birthdays, and Easter (sometimes) occur during this month, too. It’s an exciting month for me and my family. 

My daughter, the child who made me a mother, turns 13 this month. Wow, that was difficult to type! A teenager and my mini me, how will I handle this? I can tell you that it will not be easy because she is literally a younger version of me. Over the past few months, I have managed to make it a point to take her on outings to shop, get mani/pedis, and just run random errands together. It gives us that time where she can talk to me one and one, and I love the fact that she has to leave her bedroom–her sanctuary–that she retreats to the second she gets home. 

Spring is full of birthdays, sports, dance recitals, the home stretch to finish the school year, gardening, and of course, spending time outdoors. So much has to be done outside, even more so with the freezes we had this winter. I, personally, have been removing all the plants that didn’t make it and replacing them with new, fresh and colorful ones. Spring is also the time to wrap up any DIY projects my husband started but has yet to finish, because you know, life is always happening. 

This issue, we have a special section to help you wrap up those projects and get your home and garden ready for family gatherings and summer fun. I know I am ready to start hosting weekend barbecues and crawfish boils, and my pool will be warm enough for the kids to start swimming this month. Hopefully COVID-19 cases will continue to decrease with the vaccinations being pushed out and we can all soon return to a somewhat normal life. I’m looking forward to it.

Happy 13th Birthday to my baby girl, and Happy 18th Anniversary to my hubby!

Love always,

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