A Win for the Whole State

Louisiana sports is a staple for many families in the state. It’s a time for them to get together and celebrate a common goal that unites a whole state under one cause and that is victory. Families get together to tailgate where parents begin teaching their young all about the sport and why they should be rooting for one team vs another. There is no better example of this lesson in Louisiana than LSU vs Alabama as your Tigers are yet again underdogs expected to lose like usual. With the New Orleans Saints’ season not going exactly the way fans were hoping, Louisianians were banking on the LSU Fighting Tigers to give them something to cheer about. So, when the Tigers went on to upset the Crimson Tide in this thrilling overtime battle, it was a win for the whole state…despite that 250 thousand dollar fine. We have all seen in the past how sports can unite people. After the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina forced the Superdome to shut its doors for a while, Saints’ football was moved to San Antonio until its reopening in 2006 against the Falcons. The energy was definitely electric and the city was buzzing as Saints football came back home where it belonged. Flash forward to today, to LSU’s win over Alabama and that same energy and excitement can be found. Scroll through social media after that and you will see posts of support and excitement. That looks like a win for the entire state for me, so take your kids out to celebrate. Explain to them why this is so big and help create a memory or tradition with them that they can one day pass down to their own children, because hey despite everything that’s going on in the world, at least you’re not an Alabama football fan.

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