9 Perks of School Uniforms

School uniforms have a positive effect on students and teachers
School uniforms promote a single standard of dress. Therefore, school environments become less competitive and more focused on learning. Research has shown there is a link between a student’s appearance and teachers’ expectations. High expectations means high achievement!

Improves community and school spirit
Students wearing clothing in their school colors, with the school mascot, creates a unified community, reduces competition among students, and improves school spirit. This essence of unity can positively affect a child’s attitude toward school and can lead to better learning and improved attendance. A child excited about school is a child ready to learn. “Hurrah!” for school pride!

Encourages other ways to express oneself
Because self-expression is important to us, and we want to encourage ways students can appropriately demonstrate their identity, uniforms inspire students to express themselves through the arts, music, sports, personality and academic achievement.

Reduces distractions
Uniforms help remove distractions in the classroom by creating common ground for everyone. Students can focus on their academics rather than on what they and others are wearing.

Helps prevent bullying
Many students feel pressure to wear stylish clothes to school. And, parents often feel the economic pressure to provide their children with clothing that reflects the most current fashion trends. Therefore, students who do not wear the latest and greatest, may feel left out, criticized, or even bullied by their peers. School uniforms reduce economic and social barriers between students that often lead to bullying.

Prevents on-campus violence
Clothing that displays any form of vulgarity or gang reference encourages hostility, which sidetracks students from their education and positively participating in school activities. Education professionals agree that a safe school environment is essential for learning to take place. The safer the environment, the more likely children will attend. Uniforms make it easier for school officials to identify non-students while promoting a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

No more morning drama
Mornings are hectic enough without having to decide what to wear. Through simplicity, uniforms promote time efficiency, organization, and neatness. Schools with a school uniform policy, have students who can get ready for school quickly and have time to eat breakfast and organize for a successful day. Parents and students agree that starting the morning off right is the key to a productive and happy day.

Goodbye to clothing infractions
Teachers don’t have to make judgement calls about students’ clothing, such as modesty issues or inappropriate messages on t-shirts. Students are spared the embarrassment. 

Less fashion and social media pressure
With social media, the pressure to wear brand names or follow fads is intense. Uniforms are a reprieve for children at school. ■

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