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8 Inexpensive Hobbies You Can Pick Up

If you’re like me, you’re probably always open to picking up new hobbies that you find enjoyable and stimulating of the mind! If you are even more like me, you’re not trying to find a hobby that is overly expensive. For example, I enjoy going to the gun range, but the cost everytime I go is so high that it doesn’t really make for a sustainable hobby for me. Instead, I found a free archery range five minutes from my house. After visiting it with a friend who let me use his bow, I bought my own and have enjoyed this new hobby ever since! It was expensive initially, but now it’s something I can do whenever I want and the best part is the arrows are reusable! Here are 8 other inexpensive hobbies that you can pick up: 

  1. Writing
  2. Bird Watching
  3. Art
  4. Running
  5. Crocheting 
  6. Reading 
  7. Gaming 
  8. Volunteering 

With some of these hobbies, there may be an initial purchase that may be a bit expensive, but it should even itself out if you really get into it! With bird watching, a good pair of binoculars can be expensive, but after that initial purchase, you won’t need anything else but to spend some time outdoors! For reading, sign up for a library card! Use your local resources and find something best for you! 

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