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7 Sensory Activities for Babies

As children grow, it’s our job as parents to expose them to different types of sensory stimulation so that they develop skills and are able to cope when confronting strange new stimuli. How we do this is by making sure there are plenty of sensory-stimulating activities planned throughout the day. Let’s discuss the benefits of sensory activities and what types of experiences, games, and toys may be helpful.

“Sensory input is like food for the brain. Our bodies–even babies’–take in information not only from our body senses: vestibular (movement), proprioception (joints, muscles), touch, interoception (internal state of the body) but also from the environment around us: vision, hearing, taste, and smell.

Sensory processing allows us to develop our body perception, spatial awareness, motor planning, and coordination. Sensory processing is also important in developing the foundation for emotional control. When our bodies are well-regulated, we are able to grow in attention, engagement and interactions with others, and participation in daily activities. So we can say sensory processing is a key factor in developing the skills needed for later school success,” explains Terri Wilton, LOTR of NeuroTherapy Specialists, Inc.

Wilton also explains that “babies use all of their senses in the first year of life to learn about their bodies and the world around them. Piaget termed the first two years of life as the Sensorimotor stage. It is the time when a baby and toddler discover through his sensory experiences that he can interact with and move within his environment.”



Need some pointers? Pathways.org, a free online resource for tracking your child’s development, has great resources like videos and milestone guides for everyone from premature babies to young children.


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