2024 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2024 The Face of Personal Injury Law

Brandt Schmolke

Brandt Schmolke knows how hard it can be to go up against the big-name insurance companies. That is why he has been serving the Baton Rouge community for twelve years as a personal injury attorney.

After completing his undergraduate at LSU and law school at SU, Brandt started his legal career working for insurance companies. He noted how those companies would take advantage of people who needed help and decided it was time to make a difference.

“Insurance companies will deny perfectly valid claims or delay payments to those who have been injured, and that is flat-out wrong,” says Brandt. “They’ll do anything to hold on to their dollars for as long as possible.”

At Schmolke Law Firm, Brandt now defends the rights of those who are injured due to the negligence of someone else, all while providing that personal touch which is lacking at the bigger firms. Brandt focuses on forming a relationship with his clients first; making sure they know they aren’t just a number.

What’s Brandt’s favorite part of his job? The answer is simple: being able to help people. “Most of the time, we are meeting people at a low point in their lives. They’re under a lot of physical or emotional stress and might not be able to work due to their injury,” Brandt notes. “You can see their relief when the case is over because they received the treatment they needed, and the money they lost from not working was recovered.

When you get injured, you need somebody to stand in the gap between yourself and the billion-dollar insurance companies. Schmolke Law Firm is there to make sure the insurance company does the right thing so you can have a smooth and stress-free recovery.

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