2024 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2024 The Face of Driver’s Education

Koala Driving Academy

Koala Driving Academy presents complete driver’s education courses for new drivers preparing for licensing in the State of Louisiana. Janay Jones-Clark is committed to providing quality education to ensure safe and responsible drivers are behind the wheel and driving on the roads we share in our communities and beyond.

We must communicate the importance of understanding the rules of the road, and we hope to depart a sense of high responsibility it takes to operate a vehicle safely. New drivers will gain valuable skills, such as developing safe driving attitudes, heightening hazard awareness and avoidance, and understanding basic traffic laws.

During our first phase of instruction, students will receive a well-rounded education in the classroom with a comprehensive curriculum based on our textbook, the official LA Class E Driving Manual, and AAA’s How to Drive program. Along with current video supplements and in-class activities, the curriculum is designed to prepare new drivers for driving laws, regulations, and practices, as well as teaching them skills on how to manage visibility, time, and space in traffic. The classroom equips students to become aware of and quickly react to situations and hazards that can arise while behind the wheel.

The second instruction phase is the behind-the-wheel experience operating our dual-brake student vehicle with a certified instructor providing direction and support from the passenger’s seat. This step applies the in-class skills and methodology of driving mechanics and driving operations taught in the classroom session.

After passing both phases of instruction, we can provide the OMV’s Road Skills Test from our facility. The state-approved route is driven in our student vehicle with a certified instructor giving directional maneuvers which prove the student’s ability to safely operate the vehicle and join others on the roadway.

If you are ready to sign up your new driver for the next available class, please check out our website koaladrivingacademy.com, swing by our office at 4606 Jones Creek Suite #140, or call (225) 465-7044 for more information. We look forward to getting you KOALA-FIED to drive.

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