2024 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2024 The Face of Charter School Education

BASIS Baton Rouge Charter Schools
Jared Lamb and Marissa Carroll

BASIS Charter Schools are nationally acclaimed, tuition-free public charter schools serving grades K–12. Since 1998, BASIS Charter Schools have been achieving excellent student outcomes and surpassing national and international academic standards. There are 39 BASIS Charter Schools located across the country—including two campuses located right here in Baton Rouge.

The two BASIS Baton Rouge Charter School campuses are successful, diverse, and growing fast. Current families and teachers are excited to be a part of something so positive for their students and for this city.

The first BASIS Charter School in Baton Rouge, BASIS Baton Rouge Materra, opened in 2018. It currently serves grades K–9 and will continue to grow by one grade level each school year until it’s a full K–12 school in 2026–27. The second Baton Rouge campus, BASIS Baton Rouge Primary Mid City, opened in August 2021 with more than 300 students. It serves grades K–5. Together, the two BASIS Baton Rouge Charter Schools provide students with a complete K–12 experience that sets them up for academic success.

Both schools follow the BASIS Charter School Curriculum, a robust STEM-infused program with a diverse selection of courses. Expert teachers bring this curriculum to life every day, consistently extending their knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to students.

BASIS Charter Schools believe that when you raise the bar, students will rise to meet it. Supported by Heads of School Jared Lamb (Materra) and Marissa Carroll (Mid City), the faculty at BASIS Baton Rouge Charter Schools is committed to helping students reach their potential. In addition to mastering complex concepts at an accelerated rate, students are taught important life skills such as critical thinking, time management, organization, and accountability.

BASIS Baton Rouge Charter Schools are open enrollment, tuition-free public charter schools with no entry exam. Anyone can attend, and everyone is welcome. Prospective families are invited to take a campus tour or attend a school event to learn more about the BASIS Charter School curriculum, school culture, extracurriculars, and more.


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