2024 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2024 The Face of Breastfeeding Care

Magnolia Lactation

Breastfeeding seems like it should be easy, but you may experience a painful latch or worry that your baby isn’t getting enough milk. You get advice from all sides and often it’s conflicting and confusing. Magnolia Lactation grew out of the need for families to receive the personalized care they need to confidently feed their babies and see them thrive.

Amanda Western became a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) to provide care that’s centered around the mother and baby relationship. She’s also trained and experienced in functional assessment for oral ties and infant oral habilitation which is how she helps babies to gain the skills to feed better.

As a mother, you want to feel cared for and empowered to care for your baby. In order to do that, you need the right support and expert answers to cut through the noise. The problem is that you’re unsure if you’re making the right feeding choices and may also be seeing your baby struggle with weight gain or reflux. This can feel frustrating and overwhelming. Amanda believes that you can have the solutions for you and your baby by finding the root cause, whether it’s a milk supply issue, a tongue tie, or other unique concern.

The first step is to reach out, then you’ll meet your lactation expert and start your personalized care plan. You’ll learn exercises and movements you can do with your baby to improve feeding as well as how to care for yourself and regulate your milk supply. Holistic and comprehensive care of the mother and baby is the key to the positive outcomes that clients find with Magnolia Lactation. It’s advanced lactation care, just for you and your baby right here in Baton Rouge.

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