2023 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2023 The Face of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Dr. John Soud
Prairieville Family Hospital

Dr. John Soud has been in medicine for 25 years and recently opened up his own emergency hospital, Prairieville Family Hospital. Dr. Soud considers it the “Friendly Neighborhood Hospital” whose mission is to provide excellent emergency services to the community.

Prairieville Family Hospital is a micro-hospital with a radiology lab and pharmacy that can provide many services the community needs without members having to travel very far. “Whether you’re a child or an adult, our staff is highly qualified, and our facility is more than capable of providing you exceptional care in a timely, friendly fashion,” Dr. Soud says.

Nowadays, Dr. Soud works on the administrative side of things and has made an effort to recruit local talent. All of the physicians are local board-certified and contribute to the “Friendly Neighborhood Hospital” experience.

“The concrete monsters [are] the big huge hospitals where you typically have long waits and frustration,” Dr. Soud says. “So this was an effort for us to bring exceptional quality, compassionate care to the neighborhood in a smaller footprint.”

The team of professionals at Prairieville Hospital strives to provide extraordinary service without long wait times. “Most people that have to seek unexpected health care, whether from injury or illness, typically don’t need a big system like that,” he says. “They need somewhere they can go to get treated and seen quickly… and feel like the people that took care of them really care about them.”

Since Dr. Soud was 12 years old, he’s always wanted to be in the medical field. “Honestly, it was probably a combination of a show in the 70s called Emergency…and then having an experience where I broke my nose and had to have an operation when I was young,” Dr. Soud says. “Those were probably the driving factors behind why I wanted to get into the medical field.”

One of the most rewarding things for Dr. Soud that has happened over the years is when a patient asks him to be their personal physician. “That tells me that I’ve connected with them beyond just the medical aspect of what I do, and I’ve shown them compassion–that I care for them.”

Outside of his job, Dr. Soud is a family man with two teenagers and his wife, who also works at Prairieville Family Hospital in the marketing and public relations department.

In his free time, he finds himself in his home theater that doesn’t have windows and there’s little to no noise. Dr. Soud considers himself a home theater guru, and he coined a new term for one of his favorite hobbies–“fat backing.” During this time, he watches movies and some news to stay up to date.

The “Friendly Neighborhood Hospital” wants the community to know that there is an excellent, qualified staff ready to provide exceptional service to everyone. The providers really care and enjoy providing health care to that community, Dr. Soud says.

Prairieville Family Hospital has a unique, friendly environment. “It’s much different than the hustle and bustle concrete monster that a lot of people have experienced over the years.”

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