2023 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2023 The Face of Feline Care

Cat Care Center
Dr. Lacie Lee
Dr. Aimee Edwards

At Cat Care Center, the veterinarians and staff love your cat as much as you do. This gold-level, feline-friendly facility is designed from a cat’s perspective to meet their every need–NO DOGS ALLOWED!

Dr. Lacie Lee’s vision and dream became a reality when Cat Care Center, Baton Rouge’s cat-only veterinary hospital and boarding resort, opened its doors in December of 2019. Dr. Lacie graduated from LSU Veterinary School in 2002. “Cats and every aspect of their being from physical, behavioral, to medical were always my passion, and this truth has driven my continued education and further schooling ever since,” she says.

Dr. Aimee Edwards, a 2017 graduate of LSU Veterinary School, joined the family of Cat Care Center in March of 2021. Dr. Edwards furthers her veterinary school education in cat only medicine and surgery alongside Dr. Lacie Lee.

Cats are sentient beings. Unfamiliar sounds, sights, and smells can lead to anxious behaviors and hinder their welfare. Drs. Lacie and Edwards are committed to the complete well-being of each cat’s experience from the moment they enter Cat Care Center to the moment they leave. “Cats are closely becoming the most popular household companion, and yet less than 50% of cat owners take their cats to the veterinarian annually,” says Dr. Lacie.”Cats are masters of disguise. Annual veterinary visits help us to learn your cat’s normal, and this is crucial to their health and wellbeing.”

Cat Care Center features calm lighting, a quiet atmosphere, climbing spaces in our modern examination rooms. Drs. Lacie and Edwards are available for kitten care, senior care, surgery, advanced diagnostics, dentistry including surgical dentistry, behavior support, and a full-service feline boarding resort. Our appointments are hour-long appointments where our staff and doctors will learn your cat and form their individual health plan. “We are truly a family of individuals passionate about cats, from kittenhood to super seniors and each age in between,” says Dr. Lacie. “When you walk in, you will feel the difference.”

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