2023 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2023 The Face of Family Medicine

Ericka Flood, MD

Dr. Ericka Flood has been practicing family medicine for 15 years, but her experience goes back farther than that. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at six years old, which ultimately contributed to her familiarity and fondness of medicine. After graduating from medical school in England, she came back to Baton Rouge where she molded her practice within family medicine at Flood Family Medical Center in Prairieville.

“I mainly practice endocrine/metabolic type of family medicine,” says Dr. Flood, “with an emphasis on proactively treating risk factors that lead to death rates such as obesity, diabetes, as well as problems concerning thyroid and hormones.”

Her biggest approach has been tackling diabetes, and that starts with primary care. “There aren’t a lot of specialists that handle diabetes,” she notes. “They are the ones running the show for patients with diabetes. When you’re dealing with chronic health issues, the visit has to be more than ten minutes long. Family medicine allows more time for me to know the patient inside and out. I get to focus on the whole person, not just one area.”

Dr. Flood loves being able to take care of patients from all ages. Family medicine is important to her because seeing patients at all ages allows her to make a big impact on their overall health. She also enjoys the small community setting within her practice, as family medicine has introduced her to so many families–most of which have multiple members coming to her for their check-ups!

“No one person is like the other,” Dr. Flood says. “Family medicine is challenging. I like the challenge, and I give all my credit to my patients because they teach me everything I need to know.”

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