2023 Faces of Greater Baton Rouge

2023 The Face of Adoption

St. Elizabeth Foundation The St. Elizabeth Foundation is a licensed, non-profit private adoption agency serving the state of Louisiana. Our mission is to walk side-by-side with women experiencing a crisis pregnancy who are considering adoption, as well as offering placement services for adopting couples! Through advocacy, counseling, medical, and housing assistance, we support pregnant women in their decision to make an adoption plan.

Since our founding in 1988, we have guided and helped hundreds of birth mothers make decisions about their unplanned pregnancies. More than 600 infants and children have found permanent, loving homes and forever families.

Adoption is a wonderful option for any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Many women who are unable to parent themselves, or who choose adoption over single parenting, are making a selfless decision to give their child a life and opportunity they cannot provide at the time. Today, the majority of adoptions that take place through St. Elizabeth Foundation are semi-open, which means that adoptees can thrive within their forever families while having an opportunity to know and have a relationship with their birth parents. It also gives birth parents the ability to watch their child grow and know firsthand how they’re doing. A child can never have too many people in their life that love and support them!

We know that women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are faced with a difficult choice. So we provide the best care possible in a supportive, pressure free, family-like atmosphere where they can think through all their options. The St. Elizabeth Foundation also works with amazing couples who are ready to open their arms and homes to children. We provide home studies and education to prepare families to adopt their child! We love what we do, and are honored to provide adoption services for the women, children, and families of Louisiana

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