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Feature: Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

By Nicole Falkenheiner


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Holly Hobbie: Best Friends Forever

This sweet young miss teaches children that good friends can be found in unexpected places in this 44 minute DVD special. The DVD features the same ‘ole charming Holly with a new modern-day finesse. With tween star Alyson Stoner as the voice of Holly, Marion Ross star of Happy Days as the voice of Annabelle and LeAnn Rimes performing the Holly Hobbie theme song you are sure to be impressed. Nickelodeon animators, producer Mario Piluso and direction from Piluso and Monte Young, bring to life a style that is eye-catching to say the least. Moms will reminisce as this Holly, the great-granddaughter of the original, feels a connection to her great-grandmother and emulates warmth and creativity. Moms will be able to see a positive role model in this new modern Holly. Special features include two kid-friendly sing-a-long songs, a “Pop Quiz” game and an interactive dress up game.

Backyard Sports

Humongous’ Backyard Sports series is the only video game with licenses of all professional sports leagues in the US including: NFL, NBA, PLAYERS INC, Major League Soccer and NHL. The games are safe and fun with no violence or trash-talking. All of the games are rated “E” so the whole family can enjoy the wholesome fun. Pick up Backyard Basketball 2007 for PlayStation 2, Windows PC or Fame Boy Advance, Backyard Football 2007 for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS or Windows PC or Backyard Hockey for Nintendo DS. Backyard Baskeball 2007 features players like Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and more. Backgrounds are interactive and from full season mode to mini games, this video game is sure to be fun. Backyard Football 2007 also gives players control of their environment and features a full NFL current roster with players like Tom Brady, LaDanian Tomlinson, Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young and more. Finally, Backyard Hockey is currently the best-selling hockey video game on the market so you can’t go wrong. With a full NHL roster and official uniforms and logos your hockey fan is sure to be pleased.


JumpStart World

JumpStart World is an interactive learning game for the PC full of fun activities, friendly characters and whimsical worlds. This learning game responds to kids’ progress and helps them build skills in math, reading and critical thinking. Parents are even updated on their child’s progress with Progress Report anwd Parent Tip e-mails. JumpStart initiates four keys to learning in their entertaining and educational games. First, JumpStart Learning Curriculum was designed by educators and is based on state standards to help your child achieve their goals. Key two is Personalize and Adapt, this key highlights the unique aspect of this game to respond to your child’s progress downloading new challenges and games as goals are accomplished. The third key is to Motivate, Inspire, Reward by utilizing a multi-level system that drives the curious young minds of kids as well as other rewards within the game. Finally, Inform and Connect refers to the involvement of parents in their child’s learning progress. Sure to be a game that you and your kids will appreciate, run out for your JumpStart today.


Fishing rod and reel combo for your young Louisiana sportskid

The Bass Pro shop offers the perfect way to get your little fisherman or woman off right. The TinyLite Spincast Rod and Reel Combo is slick and lightweight. Affordable at $14.99, this rod and reel is loads of fun. The rod and reel make fishing easy for your child and provides a fun experience with the family they are sure to not forget. Grab one for all the kids and plan a fun fishing trip for the whole family.


Show your teacher some appreciation this Christmas

An apple for your teacher is a bit old fashion and by now I am sure your child’s teacher has enough ornaments and coffee mugs to make a small country glitter. Get your modern teacher something she can use and appreciate with these gift ideas. Things to keep in mind when shopping for your child’s teacher: she doesn’t need any more clutter so stick to things that she can use or something simple to show appreciation, also, don’t worry about spending too much. She is looking for expensive gifts, just a bit of appreciation so don’t go overboard.


A letter of gratitude

A pat on the back never hurts. Sit down with your child and write their teacher a letter telling them how they make learning fun and how much they appreciate all that the teacher does. Your educator will certainly be touched and enjoy the letter for years to come.


Make a donation

Donate money to the school, library or the specific teachers department in his/her name. Donations to a school cause will go a whole lot further than another coffee mug. Any teacher would be pleased and proud of such a gift.


Gift baskets

Get creative. Send them a basket of things they can use like chalk, or these days dry erase makers. Buy them pens and pencils, notepads, things in general that they can use in their classroom. Or take another route. Help them get rid of stress with a relaxing gift basket of bubble bath and scented candles. No teacher would be able to resist.


Gift certificates

Gift certificates are always appropriate and promise not to add to her clutter. Grab a gift certificate to a local coffee house or maybe Barnes and Nobles. The Mall of Louisiana supplies gift certificates that can be used in any of their stores or try a local craft store or teacher/office supply store.



Holiday treats are another good gift idea, but don’t over do it. She will probably be getting a good bit of treats. Try something unusual or maybe just a particularly good recipe. Let your child help to make the tasty treat for some fun one on one time. Your child will be proud to hand their teacher something they took part in.

As you finish up that Christmas list don’t forget that special educator. They deserve some appreciation, but don’t let it stress you out. With these quick and easy gift ideas your teacher will know they are appreciated, not be overwhelmed with more ornaments and your pocket book and sanity will be completely unharmed in the process.

Check out Holiday Gift Guide on page 53 for more ideas.


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