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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 13:03
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Kristen Hogan is the marketing director of YMCA of the Capital Area and a mother of four: Dylan, 11; Addison, 5; Colton, 3; Bryson, 1. Kristen studied marketing at ULL and Southeastern, before landing her dream job at the Y, where ironically, she met Michael, her husband of seven years. Kristen says there are two things that get her excited: the Y and her kids. But as much as she loves her job, it’s the latter that really gets her worked up. Four seems like a lot, but Kristen’s attitude? “I would have more if Mike would let me! They’re a blessing. It’s a ton of work, but there’s never a dull moment. I’m going to be so bored when they get older—that's when I’m really going to want another.”

Working at the Y

I love what I do. It was my first job out of college, and it’ll be my last! My favorite part is that there’s always something different going on. It’s a completely new and different place every day. And I love knowing that what I do helps change lives. Whether it’s someone losing weight to get healthy, a homeless person coming in for a blanket or a mom putting her child in childcare—somewhere the Y is always touching someone’s life.

On their schedule

Mike and I are on opposite schedules: I work days and he works nights. He gets off work at 7 a.m., comes home and I’ve gotten the kids up and dressed. He takes over and gets the younger ones to their two different daycares while I rush out the door for work—my car is already turned on and facing the street when he gets home. Mike picks up the younger kids when he wakes up in the afternoon and gets dinner going. Then I come home and take over while he rushes to work for 7 p.m. He works seven days on and seven days off, so for the seven working days, I’m a single parent. It’s literally crazy. When I told Mike y’all were doing this story on us, he said, “When I think of our family the first thing that comes to mind is chaos.”


Exercise has always been my de-stressor. I’ve always been really into working out and sports. In high school I played volleyball and track. I also used to do fitness competitions, but not since the kids. It just takes too much time—I was working out three or four hours a day. And the eating regimen! It’s just way tot strict for me to do it with kids.

Finding Balance

Organization is totally key. We have a family calendar that we live off of. Everything we do goes on the calendar, and if I don’t stick to that, everything falls apart. Also, you have to be prepared. You know, start school projects early, things like that. I think it really helps out that we work as a team. I mean, we do everything together—homework, cooking dinner, cleaning up. Even Colton, my three-year-old, has a chore: he loves to sweep. I mean, I have to follow behind, of course, but it still helps!

Keeping the family healthy

My kids like to work out too, so I try to incorporate them when I exercise. We love to go on walks or bike rides as a family—anything outdoors. We cook most nights, but, I mean, we eat out too. We get fast food—I admit it—but it’s on occasion. You just can’t avoid getting fast food sometimes. You just have to talk to your kids about nutrition, so they know how to eat healthy, so they know that fast food shouldn’t be an every day thing.


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